Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: By The Numbers

By The Numbers
Year End Edition

     It was 4 years ago this month that I came to the realization that I needed to make health a bigger priority in my life. Very early on I concluded that the best thing I could do for myself was to not focus on any one discipline, but instead to create as much variety as possible on a day to day basis. 

     Running, cycling, swimming, strength training, stretching and eating for fuel became a way of life. Event training gave me something to focus my workouts on, but at the core it has never been about about finish times or finish places. It is mostly about staying off of medications and self image. Sure, I have awoke some mornings hungry to find out just how much punishment this body can take, and I have had to ask myself from time to time if I was perhaps being too reckless, only to reply "Nothing is reckless when I have conditioned my body to the point of being indestructable!"

     I entered 2012 with a mentality that I needed to try spending more time just "enjoying the ride" and let go of some of the focus and intensity that was driving my life and workouts. Then, in almost stark contrast, I trained for and ran the Blue Ridge Half Marathon resulting in a PR and 2nd place master award. A week or so later I did the Trail Nut 10k and picked up the 1st place master award. A month after that I did a sprint triathlon in Salem and while I didn't place well enough for an award, I still logged some stats that will be hard for me to beat moving forward.

     Then, in fairly short order, I just didn't want to fight for it anymore and I've been just kinda going through the motions ever since. I'm kinda stuck in a conflicted state because taking away some intensity and focusing more on "enjoying the ride" was clearly my goal for 2012, still letting go of my high intensity kick has created a general sense of remorse. All in all, it really doesn't matter as long as I have my health. Health is fundamental. Fitness, however, is more ego driven. 

     Going into 2013 my health is still good by generally accepted standards, but I am a few lbs over AMA guidelines (both pre and post workout), I'm eating more for flavor than I am for fuel. Yet, I find that I'm starting to get some intensity back in my game from time to time. I'm not sure where its all going as I continue to push myself in competing directions...but at least I'm enjoying the ride!

The Charts

The Vitals
This is my post workout weight which is what my weight is at when it it is at its lowest each day. I stayed around 165-168 when I was peaking athletically in the spring. I've put on a few pounds of mostly healthy muscle weight since then, but muscle or fat either way is a liability to speed. Hadn't intended to go past 170 lbs, but am currently averaging about 177.
I've tended to not concern myself with weight to much as long as my Body Fat % stays under 15%, which it has. I may need to abandon this philosophy moving forward.
Blood Pressure has test results have not been a cause for concern.

My pre breakfast, pre workout weight. Steadily climbing since I started tracking it in April. I think I need to start trending this in the opposite direction.
BMI. Useless if you lift weight regularly, but I record it anyways.
The Mileage 
I haven't swam since September. Time to change that.
Cycling had been dropping off too when my triathlon season ended, but I need to get my core solid again, so I'm back on the bike regularly.
Dropped my run mileage back during the summer and I believe it cost me. I look forward to keeping a stronger run base in 2013
All miles total including run, bike, swim, hike, walk, and elliptical.


  1. You had a solid all-around year in 2012. Here's to great things in 2013!

    1. Cheers. Staying active is what its all about. Rest = Rust.