Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Jingle Bell 5k

2012 Jingle Bell 5k

     No big write up for this one. I don't have a lot invested in high intensity training right now, but I was taking it for granted that I could pace a sub 7. Ultimately that didn't happen...I'm not stressin on it though, it just gives me something to reflect on. 

     I did want to use my GoPro to capture a taste of the race environment from a fresh perspective. Previously I have used my GoPro in a non competitive triathlon, and in a couple of cool down 5k laps after having already raced the course. This was my first time wearing it while actually racing

 Jingle Bell 5k
2012-time 22:02 (chip), pace: 7:06 (chip), Place 58/1183 overall, 7/63 in my age group, 50/542 among men

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