Friday, December 21, 2012

Training For VA Creeper: Week 3

Training For VA Creeper Marathon
Week 3/16

     Original training plan for this week is being significantly altered from the posted schedule because I had underestimated the recovery time from Saturdays Chestnut Ridge 50k. Even taking it easy, I find that 1 full rest day and 1 additional day of light recovery based cardio is needed after 31 miles. 

     Tues: Tempo: 12 Miles: Same goal as last week, except on a slightly easier course. I wanted to see how long I could hold a pace in the 7's and I made it 8 miles. Almost had the ninth mile, but missed it by hair. The big improvement here was keeping my burn out pace contained to the 8's where as last week I saw some high 9's. 

     Fri: Long: 20.47 Miles: This was one of those mornings when its just cold enough to make you want to stay inside and drink coffee. I knew there would be days like this when I signed up for a spring marathon though, so no excuses. My plan was called for 20 miles with a run 6 / walk 1 strategy pacing the run segments in the 9's. I decided I was further along with my progress than that, so I threw it out the window and went with a 20.47 mile route and a goal of running all 20.47 at a steady pace in the low 9's. I got to feeling confident after the first 10, so I upped it into the 8's for the last 10 miles for an easy negative split. I was however exhausted after 20 and ended up walking the last .47, but I even with the walking the avg pace was still a 9:06 which is just a minute above my marathon pace target. I can be happy with where I'm at knowing next weeks long run is a low intensity easy paced one.

Pace Treadmill Trail Asphalt






Walking  <1

  Total 32

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