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2013 Frozen Toe 10k

2013 Frozen Toe 10k
RNUTs 1 of 6

     The 2013 RNUTs races (4 of them anyways) are going to be hiking events for my daughter Faith and I. Our goals are to simply enjoy spending some time together, enjoy nature, maintain a steady effort, and cross the finish line. 

     We had done a series of walks in training up to the event and had logged a 5.23 miler, but then missed a few scheduled training walks, so we were approaching the Frozen Toe starting line slightly undertrained and with Faith looking at a PR for distance. 

FT 10k start
     The Frozen Toe is not billed as a walking/hiking event, so I was a bit hesitant but I looked up last years finish times and saw the last place finisher had a time of about 2 hours. We had done the 2012 Fab 5k and the 2012 Into the Darkness at around a 20 min/mile pace, and with Faith having built up some endurance from the family walks I decided we had a good shot at about a 2 hr finish.

Stopped for a photo op at just about the half way point.
     The elevation gain in the 3rd mile slowed us down a little bit and by the start of the 4th mile fatigue was starting to drag on our enthusiasm, but we never stopped for a break or to rest and I only recall 1 or 2 instances of stopping for just a second or two to adjust a shoe or some other trivial matter.

     All in all we achieved our goals and had a good family time focused on family, friends, fitness and fun. Faith stayed positive and upbeat even when she started feeling tired and that is an essential skill for not just endurance training, but life in general.

     We finished up in 2 hours 16 minutes and change which was a little slower than I had wanted, so I will be looking to only sign up for events with 2 distances and doing the shorter one unless we can be more consistent at a sub 20 pace while training. A 20 min/mile on technical trails does not require running, but it does require a steady low grade push while hiking. In my opinion thats all an otherwise healthy person needs for general health and cardiovascular maintenance.

Mountain Junkie Hoo-Rag and race number.
        Thanks to all Mountain Junkie sponsors and volunteers. These events are only made possible by people who are willing to give a little of themselves from time to time to make it happen.
My wife and regular Mountain Junkie event volunteer. Thanks, Denise!
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  1. Very cool that you're approaching the series like this! If I can plan things out right this year, I'd love to make it back for one of those races. I admittedly got a little jealous this past weekend seeing all the photos and results!