Friday, January 18, 2013

Stayin' Hungry

     Stay Hungry

"Be the hunter and the hunted
Keep your target in your sight
Don't be side tracked or shunted
Let pretenders feel your bite
And if you start to slide
Never show you're weak
Don't feel you've got to hide
Remember what you're fighting for
Remember what you seek"

 Twisted Sister, Stay Hungry, Album: Stay Hungry

     Its been a while since I blogged on a personal level. I guess when the newness of exercise, fitness, competitions and blogging wore off I just started going through the motions with a lot of the routine including this blog. With my 3rd marathon coming up I have had some new things on my mind lately and first among them is ...

     ...Stay Hungry...One of the first metal bands to resonate with me in my teen years was Twisted Sister. I remember listening to Burn In Hell and thinking "Whoah! This is some crazy stuff!". That song was on the Stay Hungry album and its time to look at that album again.

     Of course putting a fitness and a middle aged perspective on things this time I'm realizing how important it is to stay hungry. Sitting down to eat a meal and getting full is fine from time to time, and I by no means think its of any benefit at all to go around famished or starving, but if your looking to lose weight I don't see how it can be done with a gluttonous mindset.

     Just looking at what seems to be happening with my body and relating it to various information I've read, it seems that weight is controlled by diet and influenced by exercise. Calculate your daily energy expense, consume only that number of calories and weight will stay constant. If a person is gaining weight or is over weight then that can only be reduced by consuming fewer calories or increased energy expenditures. The tough thing to accept is that it plays out gradually over time. If a person eats 5000 calories a day and only spends 2000, then they will not gain 3000 calories worth of weight each day. Much of the extra 3000 gets eliminated, but the body will slowly gain over time.

     In the above scenario, an individual would likely experience severe hunger cutting out 3000 calories a day all at once, but dropping back slowly to 4500, then 4000, then 3500, etc, etc, slowly over weeks or months would probably be effective. Cutting back ANY will cause hunger if your not used to it. The key is to convert that hunger to will power. Hunger is good when its encouraging you to survive, hunger is bad when you are consuming beyond your need and behaving gluttonously.

     Is being full synonymous with gluttony? I'd say it is IF you are gaining weight and I have been. Not a huge amount, but just enough to cover any potential muscle mass from strength gains. I have a marathon coming up in 9 weeks. I don't need extra muscle mass or fat, so its time to get serious about my food choices again.

     Eat light, think light, be light...sit down to eat hungry and get up from the table hungry. Stay hungry! It helps give my running some extra focus too. I've only been back on the 70% raw foods kick for 4 days and it is working. I'm anxious to weigh myself in the morning cause I know it will be good news. In just 4 days my First Thing In The Morning Weight has already dropped 6 pounds...much faster than I anticipated, so I expect a short term gain soon, but it is trending downward again and thats the main thing. I like to stay around AMA guidelines which is 171 lbs and as of today I'm 174. Last week I averaged 179. These are all FTITMW numbers. My post workout numbers have been slightly above 171 for several months also, but they have held steady at 171 for 3 days now.

     Of course ditching a food addiction is much like ditching any other addiction, after a while you adapt to getting by with less and the hunger goes away. Plus, if you limit yourself to raw foods you find that many raw vegetables are like natural appetite suppressants anyways.

     Again, I'm no expert, but I do read a little and do self experiments with diet and exercise, so if that counts for anything then fine, and if not then that's fine too.



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