Sunday, February 17, 2013

Training For VA Creeper: Week 11

Training For VA Creeper Marathon
Week 11/16

     Sun: Vibram Speed Walk: 4.43 Miles: A good combination of walking, and low intensity running. I kept each mile in the low to mid 13's so they all score as walking miles on the intensity chart, but the effort required for each mile varied. I don't like to run downhill on asphalt in my Vibrams so I was experimenting to see how fast I could go at a steady pace and walk all the downhill parts. The 4th mile was almost all walking and I doubt I can walk much faster than that. 

     Mon: Treadmill 8 Miler: Looking to knock out the first 5k as quickly as possible and then coast to an 8 mile run in under an hour. I got the 5k knocked out in 20:50 and then dropped the speed by 1/10 mph increment every 1/10th of a mile till I hit 7.1 mph. I stayed at 7.1 mph for about a quarter mile then decided I was being way to easy on myself so I bumped it up to about 8 mph and slowly increased the speed from there using the same pattern. Great workout! About a minute faster than when I did a treadmill 8 miler just 2 weeks ago.

     Wed: Alt Parkway 12 Miler: I just wanted to push the limits today. I haven't ran any 12 milers with a sub 8 pace in about 10 months so its time to start breaking out the higher intensity workouts to get geared up for not just the VA Creeper, but for all the spring races. I've ran this route 7 times including today and this was the fastest by about 4 minutes. 


6  3
7 4





Walking  113


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