Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 Explore Your Limits 5k

2013 Explore Your Limits 5k
RNUTs 2 of 6


2012-time 1:23:32, pace 26:57
2010-time 24:27.87, pace: 8:09/M
2011-time 22:27.18, pace: 7:15/M
2012-time 22:06.82, pace: 7:08/M 

The Course

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 The Event

        It was a cool, chilly morning with cloudy skies and temperatures hovering just above freezing. Faith Renee and I set out to complete our 2nd of 4 trail hike events with the Mountain Junkies. Our goals were simple and modest...start together, finish together, have a good time appreciating nature while hiking 3.1 miles, snag a couple of event shirts and score a couple plates of food. 

      Happy to say all goals were met! No complaints at all and Faith said "This has been a really nice morning." as we were finishing the course. Getting outside, being active, and spending time around similarly minded people is the true value of participating in these events. We are registered for the Montvale Park 5 Mile race (hike) in 3 weeks, and then plan on hiking the Trail Nut 10k on May 4th to finish our race series requirements!

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun. Enjoy the Montvale event!