Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Montvale Park 5 Mile Trail Race

Montvale Park 5 Mile Trail Race
RNUTs 3/6

     The 3rd timed event that Faith and I are hiking as part of the Mountain Junkies RNUTs events was the Montvale Park 5 Mile Trail Race. I had done the 10 mile course for 3 years in a row, but had never tried the shorter 5 mile course before, so this was a 1st for both of us. 
Course Map and Elevation Profile

       Our goals and strategy remained the same as in our previous efforts this year. Finish uninjured, appreciate nature and being outdoors, keep a steady pace and have a good time. Faith did choose to run ahead a few times for maybe a half mile total and I support her decision to do that if she's comfortable with it, but I'd like to see her more focused on holding a faster hiking pace before she decides if she wants to run or not.
Heading to packet pickup
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Crossing the foot bridge.

Race start!

Tree down.

Faith finishing strong with a good 1/8th mile sprint!
Hugs from mama.

Walking it in for the prestigious DLF!


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