Saturday, April 6, 2013

By The Numbers: 2013: Q1

     By The Numbers

Post workout weight. I like this number to stay below 170,

First Thing in the Morning weight. I like to see this number stay between 171 and 174.

BMI. Essentially irrelevant for folks who do regular strength training.

Blood Pressure: Meeting Targets-No Meds!
Body Fat %: The most critical number for health: I like this to stay below 15 and below 13 if I'm trining competitively for a race.

Cycling Mileage: It's been a tough winter for cycling, not many miles.
Run Mileage: I intend to hold steady in this range for all of 2013

Swim Mileage: Just doing enough to where I can complete a 300yd pool swim triathlon without feeling foreign to the water.

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