Saturday, May 18, 2013

2013 Gallop for the Greenway 5k

2013 Gallop for the Greenway 5k

Gallop for the Greenways 5k
2013-time 21:34.6, Pace 6:57/M, Place 18/492 overall, 4/30 in my age group, 18/218 among men

Garmin Data HERE

I'm definitely not at any kind of peak with my short distance sprints, but I have had some good treadmill 5k runs lately and had entertained thoughts of maybe breaking 20 minutes. I didn't really invest much into making it happen though since I decided I needed some elliptical work that morning so I wasn't exactly primed for giving it my best, but I still felt I had a shot.
Photo courtesy of Frank Finch, who came out to support the C&C racing team as well as other local running enthusiasts like myself. Thanks Frank!

Ultimately this race was decided at around the one mile mark. After the first mile I lost any desire to do anything but hold my spot. I might have had a surge in me to stay at a sub 7 pace, but I just couldn't quite get myself motivated to fight for it. The last 1/4 mile or so did see me pass 2 and get passed by 2, but even though my pace was deteriorating into the low and mid 7's I still managed to squeak out a 6:57 avg pace due to a strong mid 6 pace for the first mile. 

My minimum goal for an asphalt 5k is just to pace below a 7 min/mile, so having achieved that I wasn't disappointed.

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