Sunday, June 9, 2013

NRT 50k Training Plan

NRT 50k Training Plan

     The New River Trail 50k is going to be my first "official" timed 50k race. I've worked up a training schedule that involves running a 1/2 marathon as a warm up race every 3rd week starting on June 29th with the inaugural Jackson River Scenic Trail Half Marathon and ending on Oct 12 with the NRT50k. The exception will be Aug 31st with the Iron Mountain 16 Miler in lieu of a Half Marathon.

     Rather than follow a strict schedule, I'm gonna train for this one more by "feel". Basically I'll have a general intention of running a weekly 8 miler for intervals, a 12 miler at tempo, and alternating my weekend long run every 3rd week between a race, a 20 miler, and a 26 or 30 miler. I'm not even going to begin making goals for any of the warm up races or the NRT 50k itself. As always I will give it what I got on race day and be happy to finish each event knowing that I kept myself active.

     Worth mentioning is that the NRT 50k is a USATF certified course with official timing at the 26.2 mile mark that can be used for Boston Qualifying. I am not prepared to say at this time that I'm looking to BQ. Im just going to go through the motions with my training plan and whatever happens on race day will be acceptable as a reflection of the effectiveness of my training. 

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