Saturday, July 6, 2013

By The Numbers: 2013: Q2

By The Numbers
2013: Q2
All mileage. Includes run, bike, swim, hike, walk and elliptical. I been doing a lot of elliptical work in lieu of cycling and swimming lately.
Cycling mileage is way low, but my speeds are looking good when I ride, so no worries.
Not spending much time in the pool. "0" indicates less than 1/2 mile. Completely blank indicates a literal zero.

Run mileage has stayed at near record high levels, but avg speeds are still down.

Post exercise weight is still above peak competitive levels, but fine for general health.

BMI means nothing to me, but I throw it in here since its available.

Blood Pressure is fine.

First thing in the morning weight started getting a bit high in June, but Im making the adjustments.

Body Fat % is good. I like to keep it between 12%-16%


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