Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 Roanoke Zombie Run

2013 Roanoke Zombie Run

With the zombie apocalypse likely no more than 10 years off, I decided to move my long run to Thursday and participate in Roanoke's inaugural 5k Zombie Run on Saturday in lieu of a high intensity 4 mile treadmill run.

I was unable to survive the zombie apocalypse training drill at Roanoke's Green Hill Park, but I have performed a technical analysis on my performance and remain confident that future drills will deliver an increased efficiency at a future running of the event.

Although survival was not to be part of my experience, I can be confident about having ran a 5k ish course comprised largely of trails and fields with some asphalt paths in just over 21 minutes. This was not a timed event and finish places were not issued either. It was just a "fun run" for those who see things from that perspective and a survival drill for some of us others.

I have no way of knowing how fast anybody else was because the event was conducted in untimed waves. All I know is that I started in the first wave with about 200 other participants and finished 3rd overall.

Speed is a great attribute to have. but in some tactical scenarios it is not enough. Faced with zombie hordes survival is likely to require a vast array of techniques including, but not limited to, stealth, plotting distractions and using other humans as shields.

Garmin Data: HERE    

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  1. Great practice for what's about to come when the end of the world starts! ;)