Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014 Trail Nut 10k

2014 Trail Nut 10k
2014 Trail Nut 10k
2014 Time- 52:56.32, pace: 8:09/M, Place 10/138 overall, 2/10 Age Group, 9/61 Among Men

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Trail Nut 10k
time 55:31.22 , pace: 8:56/M, Place 15/81 overall, 3/5 in my age group, 15/41 among men
2012-time 48:28.83, pace: 7:45/M, Place 5/111 overall, 1st Place Master, 4/47 among men (PR)
2013-time 2:47:05, pace: 25:42/M, Place 126/126 overall, 10/10 Age Group, 58/58 among men (Hiked)
The Race
I can't recall having ever taken a full week off all exercising since I started doing endurance sports, but preparing for the Blue Ridge Half was exhausting, so I thought "Why not?". I had no idea how my body would react to being pushed competitively after 6 full days of rest, so I was pleasantly surprised to come home from the Trail Nut 10k with the 2nd place Age Group medal.

I'm going to keep the summary short and sweet. As the race started, I quickly got shuffled into the 6th spot. Over the course of the race I got passed 4 times and I finished 10th overall. It was a beautiful morning. I saw and spoke with many familiar, smiling, happy faces and enjoyed being part of the great trail running community. 

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