Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Off The Rails Sprint Tri

2014 Off The Rails Sprint Tri
Relay: Swim-Faith Settle, Bike-Philip Settle, Run-Frank Finch
 The Swim-7:11
Faiths first triathlon swim. She stayed on pace, kept her cool, passed two people and delivered a solid time of 7:11 for the 300 meter swim
The first transition was a little rough. Faith made it to the bike fine, but the chip caddy wouldn't attach correctly, so I lost a few seconds wrestling with it.
The Bike-27:43
Keeping with the awkwardness of the transition, I started my bike ride in less than stellar form with some chain trouble as I attempted to shift to the middle chain ring shortly after clipping in. Fortunately I was able to pedal backwards while shifting back down to get the chain unjammed. I built up some steady speed and had no further problems.

I stayed mostly in the large chain ring with only one notable exception for the steep, but short hill climb up Williamson Rd. This was just a 15k bike route so I didn't hold back anything and passed people consistently for the whole route. I started to feel the burn in my calves by mile 3, but I wasn't about to let that slow me down and by mile 5 the burn had settled in and wasn't an issue.

I finished with a time of 27:43 which represents my fastest ever out and back bike ride with an average speed of just over 20 mph!

Official event results didn't list an official T2 time, but it was a little sloppy with Frank having the same trouble I did in T1. Still, we didn't lose much time with it since Frank decided to simply carry the chip instead of waste time figuring out the attachment. I'll estimate T2 was close to a minute. (Probably added to my bike time)
The Run-20:14

Frank was just incredible to pull off a 5k run with a pace in the mid 6's! He said he passed at least 20 people including 6 in the final stretch!

In spite of our sloppy transitions all 3 of us turned in solid athletic performances and walked away with the 3rd place podium spot for Mixed Relay Teams.
Final Result
 Off The Rails Sprint Tri (300m/15k/5k) Cyclist on The Team Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken
2014 Time-56:15, (S-7:11, T1-01:06, B-27:43, T2-x:xx, R-20:14), Place 3/8  Mixed Relay

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