Friday, July 4, 2014

Yes We Cannabis 4.20 Mile Race

Yes We Cannabis
4.20 Mile (Virtual) Race

Good health isn't just treating the symptoms of an illness. In my personal observation I have found no shortage of consensus regarding the link between stress and illness. Yet, when expanding the conversation to include specific applications that strengthen the mind/body relationship there is often an atmosphere of "Oh, this is getting metaphysical. Lets change the conversation before this turns into spiritual mumbo-jumbo."

I chose to view cannabis as a viable mind/body therapy. Cannabis has psychoactive properties that vary in how they affect different people, so how you view cannabis does have an influence on how it affects you. I know hard core recreational users who literally "Just like to get high." I can't relate. I get it and I'm not knocking it. Its an earthly should be able to use it however you want.
Unfortunately we here in America have to import our cannabis products. is a good source from just north in Canada.

For those who seek to use cannabis for medicinal purposes though, I propose that you are selling yourself short if you are not simultaneously pursuing other aspects of a healthy lifestyle as well. Cannabis heals, yes, but in most instances cannabis can't do it all by itself.

Good nutrition and physical activity will go a long way toward creating and maintaining healthy states of mind and body. Sometimes something more is needed and nothing should be taken off the table to help our fellow Virginians when they are suffering or in need. Pharmaceuticals often have a long list of dangerous side effects and are frequently no more useful than a placebo. Cannabis has virtually no harmful side effects when ingested or vaped and is only a mild respiratory irritant when smoked infrequently or in moderation. Cannabis should be much closer to a first choice and much further from a last resort.

In an effort to promote Cannabis as one aspect of a broader approach to healthy living I have created a virtual 4.20 mile race on dailymile. Signing up is easy, participation is free and if we can generate enough enthusiasm we might be able to have a real world event rivaling that of the 420games in California! Now that would send a powerful message to our legislature that they can't ignore.