Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Bank of Fincastle 10k

Bank of Fincastle 10k

The Bank of Fincastle 10k 
2009-time: 52:56.3, pace: 8:32/M,Place 33/62 overall, 3rd/6 in my age group & 24/34 among men

2010-time: 43:07.0, pace: 6:57/M, Place 7/55 overall, 1st/6 in my age group & 7/29 among men
2014-time: 43:27.7, pace: 7:00/M,Place 5/59 overall, 1/4 in my age group & 5/29 among men

Garmin Data

Strong run at the 2014 Bank of Fincastle 10k. I had been hitting some PR stats on my treadmill 8 milers lately, hitting the 10k mark around 41 minutes so I was optimistic about my chances at beating my 2010 time of 43:07. Ultimately I came up a little short of what I needed for a course PR, but I still got a Top 5 out of it since many of the faster runners had opted for the 5k this year.

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