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2014 Star City Half Marathon

Star City Half Marathon

 2012- time 1:40:41, Pace 7:41/M, Place 56/573 overall, 2/39 in my age group, 44/253 among men
2014 Star City Half Marathon
Time: 1:35:59.9 (chip), Pace 7:19/M, Place 33/480 overall, 2/26 in my age group, 30/202 among men 

Garmin Data: HERE

I haven't been following a training schedule for any specific event this year. Since May I usually run a 4 miler an 8 miler and then a 12 miler each week with 1 day rest in between, maybe 2 days rest if anything starts to feel uncomfortable. For this race I'm swapping the 8 miler and the 4 miler so as to create a tapering effect.
Me and my lovely supportive wife.

The Event
Anything I had to prove to myself at the 13.1 mile distance I had taken care of last weekend at the Richmond Half with a new 13.1 mile PR of 1:33:08. With that weight off my shoulders I looked at the Star City Half with much less anticipation than when I had signed up for it, but even though I wouldn't be pushing myself for a PR I still had a few thoughts to keep me motivated.
Enjoying some excellent post race food with running buddy and Frank F. 

My biggest priority would be to beat my 2012 time of 1h40m. In 2012 I was starting to feel some burn out from 4 years of running/racing and I just wanted to take it easy for a while. I guess some faster runners stayed home that year because I still came home with a 2nd place Age Group award even though a 7:41 pace typically would not warrant an Age Group podium spot for 40-44 yr olds.
Nice to see Dru Sexton and get a team Mountain Junkie pic!

Secondly, I did kinda want a podium spot at a half this fall. I had a streak of top finishes, age group wins and a masters spot in all my late summer/fall races heading in to the Richmond Half, but I knew placing in Richmond would be outside the realm of comprehension given their aptitude for drawing elites, so placing at Star City would be my opportunity to realize an achievement with an award at the 13.1 mile distance this fall.

    I'm not going to elaborate on the course or the race. It was slightly tweaked from the 2012 course, but not enough to make it significantly different and the race was typical in that after everybody got warmed up and established their paces by mile 5 I didn't see any passing. 

I saw a 1:35 and change on the clock when it first came into view and mounted an attack to try to squeeze in under 1:36, I barely pulled it off with a chip time of 1:35:59.9. The finish line photo will show a 1:36:02, but that would be my gun time not my chip time. 

Close up of the Age Group award

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