Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Explore Your Limits 5k

Explore Your Limits 5k

Brown = Hiked, Red = PR 
2010-time 24:27.87, pace: 8:09/M (est), Place 12/97 overall, 1/5 in my age group, 9/45 among men
2011-time 22:27.18, pace: 7:15/M, Place 3/169 overall, 1/9 in my age group, 3/77 among men
2012-time 22:06.82, pace: 7:08/M (est), Place 3/205 overall, 1/13 in my age group, 3/96 among men
2013-time: 1:14:41, pace 24:05/M, Place 199/199 overall, 9/9 in my age group, 76/76 among men
2014-time: 50:56, pace 16:25/M, Place 142/149 overall, 8/8 in my age group, 69/70 among men

2015-time: 28:45, pace 9:13/M, Place 15/107 overall, 1/6 in my age group, 14/53 among men
Garmin Data: HERE

The Event
Tough run at Explore Park this morning for the Explore Your Limits 5k/10k races.  The recent snows lately hadn't melted away and what was there was powdery and slick.The footing was reminiscent of running on a dry sandy beach for most of the course with the only variety being on the hard packed ice that topped some of the asphalt sections.