Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Trail Nut 10k

Trail Nut 10k

2015-time 52:49.26, pace: 8:08/M, Place 14/134 overall, 1/10 Age Group, 13/70 among men
Garmin Data: HERE 

2010-time 55:31.22 , pace: 8:56/M, Place 15/81 overall, 3/5 Age Group, 15/41 among men

2012-time 48:28.83, pace: 7:45/M, Place 5/111 overall, 1st Place Master, 4/47 among men
2013-time 2:47:05, pace: 25:42/M, Place 126/126 overall, 10/10 in my age group, 58/58 among men 
2014-time 52:56.32, pace: 8:09/M, Place 10/138 overall, 2/10 Age Group, 9/61 among men

Running just one day a week can make it difficult to predict race day results. At some point the extra rest works out as a benefit, but eventually it becomes a liability to speed. In the 2 weeks leading up to the Trail Nut 10k I have only ran once and that was the 5k race the previous Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. I had no expectation for today other than to do my best.

The Event
I don't often get to hold a lead at any races, so when I do I like to mention it. When the starting gun fired I was holding my own with the top 3 and just waiting for the inevitable avalanche of passing to start. For some reason everybody was being lazy so I surged past the competition and actually held the overall lead for a few steps, maybe as many as 20, but I wasn't counting.

Inevitably, the passing did start and by the time the first mile was in the books I was somewhere just outside the top 5. By the halfway point I was outside the top 10 and I wrapped things up just inside the top 15. It was a solid run and I beat last years time by a few seconds. It was a satisfying morning.
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