Friday, September 11, 2015

Full Marathon


A marathon is a long distance. 26.2 miles is a hell of a drive in a car, on a bicycle its going to take a foot it can kill a man.

I'm not sure what the appeal of a marathon is, but I was like "fuck it" so I signed up for 2 this fall. Now its looking like maybe I'm going to need a 3rd. I'm 'bout slow as fuck, so I decided I need an easy one. The Peak to Creak in late October is a downhill event, so I'm anticipating a good time regardless of how I train or finish.

The Dallas Marathon is a catch up event. I'm going to go the distance and make it count, but time is not really an issue unless I fuck up at Peak to Creak and end up approaching Dallas as if I have something to prove.

So I need an easy "Chill the fuck out" event to justify my training and I found the Belmead Trail Fest on Sept 26th. It looks like fun event with out any stress. A good "just get away", log some stats and come home. A spring board for the season ahead.

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