Saturday, October 24, 2015

2015 Peak to Creek Marathon

Peak to Creek Marathon

Peak to Creek Marathon
2015- time 3:56:25.6 (chip) 3:56:27.9 (gun), Pace 9:01/M, Place 181/329 overall, 21/30 in my age group, ??/191 among men

One year I am going to pick up a Boston Qualifier on this course. This year just happened to not be the year. The first 10 miles went fairly well and I had a lot of energy for it. By the time mile 12 rolled in I was feeling minor fatigue and my feet were feeling every large gravel. By mile 18 my lungs were feeling overly taxed and I just wanted to do the least I could get by with and still say it was worth my effort.

26.2 miles is an incredible distance and "just" finishing a marathon is always a huge accomplishment, but for my own personal reasons I consider the 4 hour marathon to be the bench mark for competitiveness. For the last 9 miles I took many walk breaks and kept an eye on my Garmin to make sure I was still set to cross the finish line in under 4 hours. 

No huge victory, no regrets. Happy to have participated in a well run event and to have met my minimum time goal. It was a great weekend with Denise and Faith and we went horseback riding afterwards.


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