Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 Star City Half Marathon

Star City Half Marathon

2012- time 1:40:41, Pace 7:41/M, Place 56/573 overall, 2/39 in my age group, 44/253 among men
2014- time: 1:35:59.9 (chip), Pace 7:19/M, Place 33/480 overall, 2/26 in my age group, 30/202 among men

2015- time 1:40:54, Pace 7:42/M, Place 47/533 overall, 6/37 in my age group, 42/245 among men
 Garmin Data: HERE

The Event
Happy to have held a sub 8 pace on every mile except the one with the bulk of the climb up Avenham where I dropped into the low 8's. Some years, like in 2012, a 1h41m can get a podium spot, but its not typical. I missed 3rd place by several minutes. My priority for this race was the Roanoke Triple Crown, so I'm just happy to have finished

Roanoke Triple Crown
The Roanoke Triple Crown Award!

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