Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 Explore Your Limits 5k

Explore Your Limits 5k
Brown = Hiked, Red = PR 
2010-time 24:27.87, pace: 8:09/M (est), Place 12/97 overall, 1/5 in my age group, 9/45 among men
2011-time 22:27.18, pace: 7:15/M, Place 3/169 overall, 1/9 in my age group, 3/77 among men
2012-time 22:06.82, pace: 7:08/M (est), Place 3/205 overall, 1/13 in my age group, 3/96 among men
2013-time: 1:14:41, pace 24:05/M, Place 199/199 overall, 9/9 in my age group, 76/76 among men
2014-time: 50:56, pace 16:25/M, Place 142/149 overall, 8/8 in my age group, 69/70 among men
 2015-time: 28:45, pace 9:13/M, Place 15/107 overall, 1/6 in my age group, 14/53 among men

As the first significant race stat to aggregate as a sign for how my training for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon is progressing, I have to say the finish time of 23:39 is alarming. This was my 7th consecutive year participating in the EYL5k, however having hiked it with my daughter in 2013 and 2014, then having the course become a 3.1 mile frigid snow obstacle in 2015, this was my first year being able to truely run the course since 2012.

2012 was my pinnacle year as a runner in the Blue Ridge Half as well as in the EYL5k and the RNUTs in general. I was well short of my 2012 PR this morning which is somewhat surprising given that my recent training has yielded several PR's and near PR's (Personal Records). My training has mostly been on treadmills and road courses though, so I guess my legs just weren't ready for the slightly different demands of trail running.

The second mile was, which is mostly trail, was the mile that was statistically weakest in comparison to years past, so that tells the story in so far as where my weakness lies.

Final Result:
 2016-time 23:39, pace: 7:38/M, Place 11/116 overall, 2/6 in my age group, 10/65 among men

Garmin Data: HERE 

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