Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 Martinsville Half Marathon

Martinsville Half Marathon

What an amazing race. Never expected a half marathon PR, but was just in my zone from the start. Prior to race start I did a few short sprints across the parking lot and I felt really good. I should have known it was going to be epic, but I just kept everything contained and looked for a solid run.

I hardly looked at Garmin at all, maybe at the mile markers or maybe a bit more often than just that, but still my focus was on the burn. The first place chick spoke to me some as I was finishing up mile 3, then she pulled ahead. I caught back up to her at mile 5 and barreled on past her as I blazed through 3 downhill miles.

It was a fantastic race. I got passed by a guy during mile 11. I was weak. I needed the new blood to pull me forward. I didn't want the spot, I just wanted to somebody to follow.

It cost me the #1 Age Group spot. I didn't care. I had a PR at the 13.1 mile distance on a certified course. Today was a win in every way that conceivably counts. 

At this point the Blue Ridge Half Marathon is what matters. My focus, my training, my daily motivation is for Apr. 16.  

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