Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Blue Ridge Half Marathon

2010- time 1:49:27 (chip) 1:49:37 (gun), Pace 8:22/M, Place 58/450 overall, 10/30 in my age group, 51/216 among men
2011-time 1:37:19 (chip) 1:37:22 (gun), Pace 7:26/M, Place 10/368 overall, 1/36 in my age group, 9/176 among men
2012- time 1:35:29 (chip) 1:35:29 (gun), Pace 7:17/M, Place 8/515 overall, 2nd place Master, 7/231 among men
2013-time 1:41:53 (chip) 1:41:55 (gun), Pace 7:47/M, Place 48/798 overall, 3/42 in my age group, 41/357 among men
New/Certified Course
2014-time 1:44:51 (chip) 1:44:52 (gun), Pace 8:00/M, Place 25/752 overall, 3/51 in my age group, 22/330 among men
 2015-time: 1:45:29 (chip) 1:45:29 (gun), Pace 8:03/M, Place 23/840 overall, 1/54 in my age group, 19/355 among men
2016-time: 3:54:56 (chip) 3:54:56 (gun), Pace 17:55/M, Place 846/890 overall, 64/64 in my age group, 389/399 among men

Statistically, its bound to happen. Go out for a run, over do it, something becomes uncomfortable and walk back home. Its unfortunate when something like that happens during a race and even more so when its a race that has been the focus of a training cycle.

It must have happened during the 2nd mile 3 I found my pace falling back and I couldn't open up my stride at all. I ended up walking the course this year. No big deal...sure its a little disappointing to have to end the 5 yr streak of podium finishes at this event, but at least I stayed on course and crossed the finish line. The streak of finishing the Blue Ridge Half every year since its inception remains intact.

Its not like I really had anything to prove to myself at this event anyway. I already had a half marathon PR of 1:32:58 at the Martinsville Half Marathon just a few weeks prior, so I can't say the training cycle as a whole was unsuccessful,  plus I finished the race that was the focus of the training cycle. A bit slower than goal time, but as I've always said...

"In the world of endurance sports, just waking up and going the distance makes you a winner."

Garmin Stats: HERE  

2016 Mill Mtn Mayhem

Mill Mountain Mayhem

This was a solid run for me, but far slower than what recent stats would suggest I'm capable of. I was a few seconds slower than last year, even though last year I had ridden my bike nearly 20 miles to and from the race. My running stats suggest that I'm running in PR territory, so I can't logically explain why my finish time today was just mediocre.

At least I still managed a 3rd place Age Group award  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Montvale Park 10 Mile Trail Race

Montvale Park 10 Mile Trail Race

This was a very good race for me. I didn't find a podium spot, but I did finish in 1 hr 17 min 20 sec which is just 22 seconds shy of my 2012 PR for the course. 

In years past this race has been a guaranteed Top 10 finish even with a finish time in the 1 hr 22 min range. Looks like the demographic for trail running is changing. I'll just have to work a bit harder and get up to speed.