Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

What are the basics of a well rounded life that values wellness? Just like in so many story books (3 bears, 3 little pigs, 3 wishes from a genie, etc,...), the answer seems to fall back to 3 primary targets...consciousness, accountability and discipline. 

The building block of the universe. You might think its matter...I suggest you read up on quantum physics.

You are a part of the collective whether you like it or not. Find something or someone that matters and establish goals for improvement.

Some things matter. Be unyielding. A passing phase is fine for entertaining the trivialities of life, but there are no half asses in the winners circles.

Again with the 3's...A strong mind requires a strong body which requires a strong will which requires a strong mind, ..., ..., ...,the essence of it all is as the elders have often said..."You are what you eat." 

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