My Triathlon Results

Full Events:

Angels Race Sprint Triathlon  (300m/25k/5k)
2011 Time-01:27:13, (S-7:50, T1-4:46, B-49:42, T2-2:18, R-22:38), Place-92/187 Men, 2/18 Novice Men
2012 Time-01:29:09, (S-7:28, T1-3:05, B-50:40, T2-2:49, R-25:08), Place-79/190 Men, 9/22 Men 40-44
2013 Time-01:28:50, (S-8:26, T1-2:21, B-49:59, T2-1:45, R-26:21), Place-93/209 Men, 10/17 Men 40-44

Salem Sprint Triathlon (300yd/15k/5k)
2012 Time 01:00:21 (S-6:53, T1-1:58, B-27:52, T2-1:23, R-22:17), Place-30/114 Men,  6/19 Men 40-44
2013 Time 01:03:10 (S-7:35, T1-1:52, B-27:39, T2-1:29, R-24:36), Place-39/106 Men,  7/18 Men 40-44

Triadventure Summer Sprint Triathlon (400m/13M/5k)
2011 Time-01:16:40, (S-9:35, T1-2:51, B-39:25, T2-2:00, R-22:51), Place-31/121 Men, 2/24 Novice Men
2012 Time-01:18:52, (S-10:46, T1-1:23, B-41:07, T2-1:19, R-24:19), Place-34/93 Men, 6/12 Men 40-44

Goochland Sprint Triathlon (300yd/12.5M/5k)
2012 Time 01:11:08 (S-6:55, T1-1:45, B-37:47, T2-1:14, R-23:30), Place-51/118 Men,  8/16 Men 40-44

Richmond Tri Club Sprint Triathlon (300m/20k/5k)
2012 Time 01:10:46 (S-7:46, T1-2:23, B-37:22, T2-1:31, R-21:46), Place-63/133 Men, 11/16 Men 40-44

Claytor Lake Sprint Triathlon (500m/12.5M/5k) (*DQ* Boat Assist) (Bike Aid-Vibram Run)
2012 Time 01:42:06 (S-25:05, T1-N/A, B-51:03, T2-N/A, R-25:58), Place-92/101 Men, 9/11 Men 40-44

Relay Events:

Big Lick Triathlon (1500m/40k/10k) Runner on The New Team
2011 Time-02:34:27, (S-20:12, T1-01:04, B-01:30:54, T2-0:36, R-41:43), Place 3/5  Male Relay

New River Trail Challenge Triathlon (40M/12.1M/13.1M) Runner on The Diesel Ninja-Pirates
2013 Time-07:18:14, (B-3:12:10, K-2:16:09, R-1:49:55), Place: 21 of 21 Male Relay

Off The Rails Sprint Tri (300m/15k/5k) Cyclist on The Team Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken
2014 Time-56:15, (S-7:11, T1-01:06, B-27:43, T2-x:xx, R-20:14), Place 3/8  Mixed Relay