Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training For Blue Ridge: Week 4

     Mon: Tempo: 6 miles: Dedicated Parkway 6 Miler: Just taking it kinda easy and going through the motions today. No week-to-week improvement for this one. My last run was race pace at the EYL on Saturday, so following it up with a high intensity tempo wasn't really something I was eager to do. I was still towards the high end of my historical paces for this route, but I was mostly just enjoying running in the snow flurries.

     Wed: Intervals: 8 miles: 8 Miles of Burnt Bridges: Added 2 miles to the interval routine this week . Target paces were the same as last week with 6's and 8's. First 2 sprints were the fastest of this training cycle with the first downhill sprint exceeding the target 6 min/mile pace. I paid for it later on though as my last 2 uphill sprints and uphill recoveries missed their targets. Good workout, but of 16 target paces, 1 exceeded the mark, 11 were on the mark, and 4 failed to hit.

     Thurs: Recovery: 4 miles: Stewarts Knob Trail: Ranger Style: Keeping in mind that it was a low intensity/high duration day, I was still a bit annoyed to see the pace in the low 10 min/mile range. This was a 10 mile/4 mile/10 mile brick and I expect the first mile off the bike to be a little slower, but I never came by any extra energy for the whole run and I wasn't willing to use any extra effort to pick up the pace because that would negate the effect of having a low intensity day in the first place. I was consistent though with an even pace for the whole run, so that counts as a positive.

     Sat: Long: 10 miles: Mountain Side 10 Miler: Today was a 10-10-10 brick. I did the first 10 on my fat tire hybrid, dropped the bike off at my house, walked back to the parkway, ran the 2nd 10 from mile post 105 to 100 and back, then walked back to the house, grabbed my road bike and did the same route I had done earlier on my hybrid. The run was excellent! Managing an 8:01 pace for the route exceeded my expectation. This was also my first double digit run since the Richmond Marathon back in Nov.


  1. I just want to make it easy for anybody who might be training to beat me :) I race for time, not place, so it don't hurt me none to make it easy for the ones racing for " I beat Phil" bragging rights.