Saturday, March 24, 2012

Training for Blue Ridge: Week 6

     Mon: Tempo: 8 miles: Dedicated Parkway 8 Miler: What a nasty, beautiful day. Frackin' rainin' out, but I wanted to do this route for comparative purposes. I guess the rain kept me motivated to hurry up so I could get back indoors. Took the first mile out at suicide pace, which for me is anything faster than a 6 min/mile, then eventually finished up with my 2nd fastest time ever on this course. Happy to say I'm continuing the pattern of being in slightly better shape now than I was a year ago and also slightly off of my peak fitness stats from this past summer. HERE is comparison data for today-vs-PR-vs-year ago for the same route.

     Wed: Intervals: 8 miles: 8 miles of Burnt Bridges: Hit or exceeded all interval targets for the first time of this current training cycle. Also, setting a PR for this routine by a full second. Previous best at this distance was set Aug 22nd 2011, suggesting that I may be approaching a new life cycle peak! Right on time to see this level of improvement since next week the routine starts calling for 10 mile interval workouts. Click HERE for Garmin data comparing the identical workout to one from about this time last year and one from my summer peak.

     Thurs: Recovery: 4 Miles: Stewarts Knob Trail: Ranger Style: Typical Thursday 10-4-10 brick, but just had lots of energy for it today. Even at a comfortable I was still about 4 minutes faster than last week. Not sure where all this extra intensity has been coming from this week, but it may have something to do with my low cycling mileage this week. Next run is the Montvale 10 Miler, so its good to see my performance levels where they have been lately.

     Sat: Long: 10 Miles: Montvale 10 Miler: Very strong 10 mile trail race. Continuing the trend of statics showing year to year improvement. For full race report click HERE.

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