Friday, September 28, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 6

Training For Star City
Week 6

     Mon: Tempo: (8 miles) Perfect start for my 1st of 3 tempo runs for this distance. With a final pace of 7:27 it shows to be on par with my better 6 mile tempo runs. PR for this course is 54:57 (6:51 pace) set Sept 11 of 2011 while I was training for the Richmond Marathon. With no marathons on my schedule, I doubt I reach that level of training, but it seems likely that I will continue to see improvement and possibly approach the 7:01 pace I set during week 6 of training for this years Blue Ridge 1/2. HERE is the comparison data.

     Wed: Long: (10 miles) Something just killed me out there today. I hit "the wall" after 7 miles and struggled just to keep moving and finish the scheduled distance. Original intent was to kick every mile into the high 7's, but I had nothing for the hills towards the end of the run. Possible contributing factors might be my schedule change at work forcing me to reorder my workouts, poor pre-workout fueling, poor hydration, late start, and/or general fatigue. I'll keep an eye on it and expect a better 10 miler next week.

     Thurs: Recovery: (5.25 miles)  Maintained a steady low end pace for the entire 5 miles..., which was all I had set out to do. Mission accomplished!

     Fri: Intervals: (6 miles) Continued weekly improvement for my interval run. Hit advanced pace targets (7, 6, 8, 5) for the first 4 laps (2 miles) and did the remaining 8 laps (4 miles) with the intermediate pace targets (8, 6, 8, 6) that I've been training with up to this point in this training cycle. Good numbers today! Gives me encouragement that Wednesdays disappointing long run was likely just a fluke.

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