Saturday, October 13, 2012

Training For Star City: Week 8

Training For Star City
Week 8

     Sun: Progressive: (5.5 miles) Wanted to add some variety to the Sunday Progressive instead of just doing the same old "run hill repeats around the neighborhood" routine. Some segments were easier and some were harder this way, but I enjoyed the variety. Think I'll move my Sunday Progressive to the BRPW from here out and make it a 6 miler.

     Mon: Tempo: (8.44 miles) Solid run today. Same route as last week, with a much improved pace. I felt like I could hold a pace in the 7's all day. Never felt much fatigue at all. With a 5k coming up Saturday morning I wanted to practice my race pace in the low to mid 6's. It doesn't look real good for to maintain my streak of sub 20 5k's, but it is easily in the realm of probability. This run does however speak well of my half marathon training. I like to see my weekly tempo runs hold steady with avg paces in the 6:50-7:20 range for 1/2 marathon training, but so far this time I've only been seeing mid 7's. This was the first time since the 4 miler from week 1 that I got into my target zone with a 7:16 pace. This is a good point in training for things to start coming together.

     Wed: Long: (14.48 miles) Training plan only called for a 10 mile long run this week, and based on last weeks long run pace in the high 7's, I left the house looking for similar numbers on a tougher course. Ultimately, my body just felt tight and heavy from the first step, so rather than fight for the intended pace, I just kept plugging along in the high 8's and pushed my endurance by running the longest distance since the 2011 Richmond Marathon. I decided my training plan needs to be tweaked to reflect the fact that I'm just not getting out to the pool or on the bike as I had intended to. Look to THIS post for an updated plan to cover the next 5 weeks.

     Thurs: Rec: (4 miles) Took it to Stewarts Knob again for the usual. Remembered HR monitor and took GoPro again for fun.
HR data from week 1 Recovery Run
HR data from week 8 Recovery Run
      HR data comparison shows no appreciable cause for concern. Avg HR was slightly higher on avg, but it is a tougher course and faster speeds, so a higher avg HR is to be expected.

         Galaga Island (krackatoa) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 
  Thanks again to krackatoa for the use of Galaga Island in the video above.
     For my GoPro video this week I tried using the highest resolution setting. I was happy with it in regular speed playback, but when played back after being sped up it had as much distortion as last weeks. Still a good time waster if you have 6 minutes and nice background music from krackatoa.

     Sat: Practice Race: Did a 5k double. First time through was the official 5k and the numbers compare well to the first 3 of Mondays Tempo, so I couldn't be happier considering Monday was nearly all downhill and today was relatively flat with modest elevation changes. The 2nd time through was just a progressive recovery as I was needing a mile of recovery and then lacked the mental discipline to make myself just start pushing harder all at once. See Race Report HERE.

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